X Window Manager



Small window manager for X11 with Xlib.h. Check out dwm, tinywm, and Xlib as these are what helped me get started.

You'll need the libx11-dev package
sudo apt-get install libx11-dev
Afterwards make an Xsession that uses the path to your executable. Make sure to install dmenu to make life easier. Or just use a real wm.

I am aware of how to make the event calls O(1), and it's not hard as seen in the dwm source code. So go check that out!


Mod4 + any number will take you to a new workspace (e.g. Mod4 + 3 to go to workspace 3)
Mod4 + Shift + any number to send a window to another workspace (e.g. Mod4 + Shift + 3 to send to workspace 3)
Mod4 + Shift + Q to close a window
Mod4 + F to maximize a window to the height and width of a screen
Mod4 + F1 will raise a window to the stop of the stack
Mod4 + Enter opens your default terminal
Mod4 + D starts dmenu