Assembly, Racket

Assail Compiler

A compiler for a very simple lisp-like language. Obviously extremely similar to Racket/Scheme. I added in some things of my own imagination, like the printing. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the things I added are very similar to how their Racket counterpart would function.

X Window Manager

Basic window manager. Supports all your basic needs. Dmenu handles the rest :). It's not tiling, although maybe one day I'll get off my ass and do that.

Sorting Visualizer

A sorting algorithm visualizer written in C using OpenGL to graphically display the sorting, and ALSA to play generated tones through speakers.

Bitmap File Carver

Bitmap file carver written in python. Reads path to files and outputs all detected bitmaps as well as contiguous blocks of unknown bytes to its own file.


Allows for the playback of specified mouse inputs (movement and clicking) on a loop. Record your mouse movement and clicking in real time or set it manually with accurate delays.

Video to ASCII Art

Run with a path to a video file and each frame will be converted to ascii and played back at the same FPS in the terminal. This script solves a problem that no one's ever had and serves no purpose.
Software Developer
2021 (Current)

Cipher Tech Solutions

It is a mystery :)
Supporting mission critical projects within the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

Developing software to meet customer specifications using C, C++, Python, and Java on multiple platforms and architectures (Windows and Linux PCs, mobile devices)

Writing native code for mobile devices on ARM platforms such as Android and iOS using C/C++ to perform tasks such as interact with sensors and communicate with backend servers.

Reverse Engineering native x64 and ARM binaries, as well as Java programs and APKs.
Software Engineer


Developed real-time software, numerical simulation software, and multiprocessor software on Linux and sonar systems with C/C++, Java, Python, and Bash.

Utilized cluster computing, signal processing, and underwater acoustic modeling to create high fidelity simulation software.
Software Developer
2019 - 2021


Maintained and updated SQL database over 25,000+ constituents in gifts totaling in excess of 1.5 million dollars annually.

Wrote programs to automate employee workflow.

Developed web applications (frontend and backend) for customers to apply for animals using online forms and employees to manage and work applications retrieved from database with php, javascript, and html.
Software Developer
2018 - 2021

Volunteer Work (SPCA)

Writing and maintaining webpages for both public facing pages as well as employee resources. Mostly in php, and some javascript.